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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Major Creative Assignment Progress #4

We scrapped our old idea and make a new one, this is our rough sketch

Major Creative Assignment Progress #3 - The rough sketch and design of our project

Keep in mind that this is a very rough sketch of our project. The layout will be changed but will still be a flowchart with explanation on it.

Major Creative Assignment Progress #2 - Who's going to do what?

Evan - Designing and Layout
Lixy - Designing and Editing Photos
Darrian - Designing and Printing
Tara Allegra - Designing and Browsing Pictures

All the printing costs will be divided by 4 and will be payed by the 4 team members.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Major Creative Assignment Progress #1 - What are we going to do?

We gonna make the biggest collage mind-map about Worldview.
This collage will include
>Steps how to be better spiritually
>Steps how to be better physically
>Flowchart about all the topics we have done
>Collage of people in order of the chart.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

darrian's bio

Darrian is a smart and diligent boy who really likes science. His passion is in science particularly in Biology. He's a student in SF since kindergarden. He is good in math and enjoys calculation, he's a logical man, doesn't really like doing things that has low probability to succeed or accomplish the task.He is a hard working boy because of his parents, his parents expects him to be the best he can be and they always expects him to be the best in class or school. 

Lixy's Bio

Lixy is a very intelligent and creative student, even though his score is a little bit above average, but score doesn't prove smartness. He is one of the techies in our grade. He has been making youtube videos since 3 years ago and has gained a lot of subscribers. He has been a serious student since the beginning.

Lixy is very spiritual and he tried to do his best in church. He is a church usher and has been around 2 years serving in church.

His talent is not only in electronics but he is also good at sports. He got 3rd place in swimming competition in Primary 4 and his soccer team got 1st place in Primary 5.

Allegra's Bio

    Allegra works hard but is easily distracted. Allegra doesn't know what she wants to be. She doesn't know her goal in life.She also just got in Springfield in grade 7.She was from trinity international school before and before that global nusantara school. Allegra likes math, she wishes she can work somewhere cool in some science stuff because the only cool thing in school is science. Her mom is pretty cool but expects so much from Allegra when she grows up. Allegra hates that business although she's not that bad in it she thinks its boring. Allegra likes writing so much. Allegra enjoys philosophy and books, she's also a realist but believes in things beyond our capability.

Evan's bio

Evan is a student from Springfield from the year 2013. He's a very intelligent student who happens to help everyone in need. He went to Springfield International School because he's in need to study in an enormous international school. He had always been a very great friend to live with inside the junior high school life. I'm hoping to stay with him in a same class again in high school and also maybe in college.

He can play the guitar as his talent to inspire and entertain people. He had always been our 'answer key' when it comes to solving math problems such as in homeworks and school assignments. Before he came to Springfield, he had school in Ipeka Puri. He had a fun time on studying IT and also Geography. He really enjoyed the lessons and did a great job on the tests and quizzes that were given throughout the year.

We can find him at his own home sweet home playing games at the afternoon when he's not working. He'll sometimes have some family time together with his parents and siblings.
He'd have been serious on studying since the beginning of school but he also had fun doing it.