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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Evan's bio

Evan is a student from Springfield from the year 2013. He's a very intelligent student who happens to help everyone in need. He went to Springfield International School because he's in need to study in an enormous international school. He had always been a very great friend to live with inside the junior high school life. I'm hoping to stay with him in a same class again in high school and also maybe in college.

He can play the guitar as his talent to inspire and entertain people. He had always been our 'answer key' when it comes to solving math problems such as in homeworks and school assignments. Before he came to Springfield, he had school in Ipeka Puri. He had a fun time on studying IT and also Geography. He really enjoyed the lessons and did a great job on the tests and quizzes that were given throughout the year.

We can find him at his own home sweet home playing games at the afternoon when he's not working. He'll sometimes have some family time together with his parents and siblings.
He'd have been serious on studying since the beginning of school but he also had fun doing it.

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